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Promotional codes

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Promotional codes can be created under Extras -> Promotional Codes -> Add new code. Codes may be used by clients in order to receive a discounts on a given products, services, addons etc. Also, the code can be applied to a specific client. If you want to check how coupons are used you need to go under Extras -> System Logs -> Coupons usage. Promotional codes/coupons are configured accordingly to the following features:

Promotional codes-crop.png

  • Coupon Code: You can type in a code or just generate it at random.
  • Discount: Here, you define the discount amount that will be applied by the coupon. It can be set in percentage or as a fixed amount.
  • Discount type: There are two types of discounts to choose from: Apply once or recurring. The former can be applied only once then the coupon is invalid, the latter can be used more than once.
  • Applicable by: Here, you can define to whom the code will be applied:
    • All customers: The code will be applied to all customers
    • Only new customers: The code is available only for newcomers.
    • Only existing customers: The code can be applied to customers that are registered in your database. It can be applied to all or to a specific client.
  • Maximum usage: This tab allows to define how many times a given code can be used. Once, the maximum usage is harnessed the code becomes inactive.
  • Expiration date: There you can sat the coupon' expiration date so that after a certain date the code will remain inactive.
  • Notes (Admin only): Some additional notes about promotional codes that are visible only for you and other admins.
  • Applies to: Here you have to define to what the code would be applied to. You can use it to: Products, Upgrades, Addons or Domains or to all of them at once.

It's up to you how you will distribute codes. You can send them to a specific clients, display them as a news/announcement in the Client Area or post them on your website.

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