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Priority Support

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How Priority Support Module works in HostBill?

Priority Support is Provisioning (Hosting) module shipped with each HostBill installation for free. It allows you to sell priority support as recurring service in automated fashion.

Key concepts

  • Once enabled, priority support will create new Client Group: Priority Support
  • Module will also auto-create Ticket macro and Ticket post-filter
  • Once client purchases priority support service and pays for it, HostBill will automatically assign client to Priority Support Client Group
  • Ticket opened by Priority client automatically will get high priority, allowing other HostBill functions to react on this event
  • If related package is suspended (ie. client forgets to pay), client is automatically removed from Priority Support group

Configuring Priority Support Module

  • Go to Settings->Modules, find and activate Priority Support module
  • You'll be taken to Settings->Apps to configure related app - just add any app name there
  • Go to Settings->Products & Services, add new orderpage using Other Services product type
  • Add your priority support package, set price, name and description. From Connect With App tab pick Priority_Support module
  • Select client group that client purchasing this package should be assigned to (default=Priority Support)
  • Optionally, you can provide additional email addresses that should be notified once related client opens or responds to ticket

Priority package.png

Optional: Configuring Mobile Notifications

So far tickets opened by clients with Priority Support package will get high priority, tag "priority ticket". You can also enable mobile notifications to send you SMS or other mobile notification (ie. push) about high priority tickets - so you can react even if you're away from keyboard.

Visit Notification_modules section to learn how to configure Mobile Notifications in HostBill

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