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How to start

Plugins are multi-purpose extension of HostBill's functionality. HostBill offers a great range of plugins that provide a complex functionality (e.g. IPAM) as well as simple one, like Twitter Plugin. Customers are able to choose between two plugin categories: Paid and Free. In order to activate a plugin you need to go under Settings-> Modules -> Plugins or Extras -> Plugins. Here, you will find a full list of free plugins.Paid plugins will show up once they’re uploaded in your HostBill. Plugins can be downloaded from HostBill website after purchase. Some of plugins require additional configuration once activated . After the successful configuration, the plugin is ready to be implemented in your HostBill.

HostBill addon to manage dedicated servers, colocations, racks, switches etc

Addon will automatically ask your clients for necesarry data like root password/login details etc. on the New Ticket screen

This addon enables employee to write report with closed/resolved tickets during his/her shift.

IPAM module is designed to organize and track IP addresses in your organization/company/department.

Free plugins

  • OnApp Account IP Search

Search account in OnApp by IP address.

  • CreditCard Charger

This module will allow charging credit card entered by admin in invoice section. S

  • Generate SagePay Token for Credit Cards

This utility is able generate Tokens for SagePay Token system from existing Credit Card details

This simple addon is capable of automatically suspending account that causes high CPU usage on cPanel server, you can also send ticket for clients to warn them about high CPU usage caused by their account.

Script will check if account in hostbill have appropriate account in Cpanel.

Script will check if accounts have overused their monthly bandwidth limit. Allows to suspend accounts, generate invoices and send notifications to clients.

This utility is able to generate csv reporst for Accounts/Domains/Clients/Transactions/Invoices

  • Database Backup Utility

Simple utility to perform database backup, scheduled and/or immediate

  • Deposit Bonus

This plugin automatically add certain bonus to client balance after he adds funds to his account.

  • Image Uploader for orderpages

This module is to handle file uploads from Adminarea::Order Pages. It will self-activate when required.

  • Custom Direct Cart links

This plugin works like macro - it allows admin to select cart contents in clientarea, record cart contents and generate custom order-now link that will create exact same cart configuration

  • DNS Management

Enables cPanel DNSmanagement for clients having VPS with IP assigned to them.

  • Domain Resolver Tool

Simple tool to check where your clients domains are pointing to

  • WHOIS domain script

Displays WHOIS checker in adminarea homescreen

  • DTAUS Integration

DTAUS Integration. Requires DTAUS Payment module to work properly!

  • SSL Certificates Synchronization

This module synchronizes expiration dates and statuses of SSL Certificates purchased from Enom and OpenSRS. It will sync 10 certificates per call.

  • External Tickets

External Tickets Addon allows you to enable one ticket(or more) for someone out of your company/support team.

  • HostBill extras

Displays Latest updates from HostBill Extras

With this addon you can set up Title, Keywords, Description for each page for client's backend.

  • HTML Integration

Generate HTML code to put into your current website, and integrate with HostBill easily.

  • Interdns Addon

Allows to synchronize hosting and domain accounts for InterDNS Services

Manual Credit Card processing module.

This module is used for domain name suggestions

  • OpenSRS Integration

Enables to put username and password of OpenSRS user into domain management form. If you've imported domains manually from OpenSRS or using other billing system importer you need to update domain access details for each imported domain, as those use different login details than your API key. To update access credentials per domain basis activate "OpenSRS Plugin" from Extras->Plugins section, it will result in username/password field to show up in admin interface (in each domain with OpenSRS module attached).Using those fields please provide access details to OpenSRS for related domain and save changes.Use Synchronize button to check, whether details provided are valid

  • Password Strength Meter

Displays password strength meter next to password fields across HostBill

  • Polite greetings

Adds ticket reply snippets you can use to address your customers

  • PayPal Balance

Displays PayPal account balance on Home Screen + information about recent transactions

  • PayPal Subscription ID Display

Displays PayPal subscription id in subscribed items details

  • Registration blacklist

This module will block attempt to register emails from public sites.

  • RSS News Feed

Adds RSS feed of latest news to your HostBill clientarea

  • SMS Notifications

In mobile phone field key enter field unique code defined in Clients->Customer fields, which will be responsible for keeping client phone number

  • State / Province Select

This simple plugin replaces state/province input field with select box containing states for selected country - currently supported country states: Austraila, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, NewZeland, Great Britain, United States, Spain.

  • Ticket Link

Link ticket numbers in subject.

  • TODO List

Displays handy to-do list at admin homescreen

  • Twitter Plugin

Shows your tweets in HostBill.

  • VIES VAT number validation

This simple utility checks whether VAT EU (VIES) provided by customer is valid in If number is valid this plugin is able to switch-on tax exception for this customer.

  • Clients online now

Displays your logged in clients currently online on Admin Home Screen

Credit card expiration notifier - display info in clientarea about expiring credit card, send out email notification once a month before expiration.

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