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Invoice Fixed Client Data

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In most European Union countries its not allowed by tax law to modify invoice client's details once its generated. When client edits his details in HostBill it also reflect all his invoice, since client data appearing on invoice is populated from database - so each client profile change will affect existing and future invoices too.

Disabling invoice client details edits

To comply with mentioned requirement, when using EU billing method in HostBill you can switch option Store client details in invoice ON under Settings->Billing->Invoicing Method.

With this setting enabled all client data, including address, company name, VAT number etc will be stored during invoice generation and related with invoice. Browsing invoice from clientarea or downloading PDF will show that initially saved data

Invoice edits.png

Updating client data on already generated invoice

It sometimes would be required to update client details on invoice that already was generated with above setting enabled. To update this info go to invoice details in adminarea, click on Edit details and click on Click here to set client details on invoice with current client info as shown on image below

Invoice edits confirm.png

See a video guide here

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