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Geolocation plugin

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Activate 'GeoLocation' plugin, you can find it in Extras » Plugins » Other or by searching for it from Extras home page.

Once activate you should find new link under Extras drop down menu, navigate there.

At this stage, if you already have imported GeoiIp database for LiveChat or other services you will be able to define new rules, otherwise you will have to import it.

To do that you will have to:

  • Download latest CSV zip file from
  • Upload on server and extract archive contents into includes/libs/geoip directory. It will create directory, i.e.: includes/libs/geoip/GeoLiteCity_20111206
  • Switch to 'Geo Database' tab or refresh if already there - database import/update option will show up.
  • Once import starts - do not refresh this page! Database import is time-consuming process, you will be notified about its progress.
  • If import process fails (hangs), refresh browser and adjust import parameters

Using GeoLocation Plugin

You can create presets for language and currency settings visiting users in 'Geo Rullses' tab.

When creating new rule, you will have to select a country for which those settings will be applied, you can narrow your selection to region and city but those are not required.

When new users visit your page they will be checked against those rules, and their settings will be altered.

Gateways settings

Rules that involve gateways are applied to exiting and new users, for example if you select specific gateways for Canada, all users from Canada will be limited to use those gateways

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