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In order to enter this section you need to go under Payments -> Estimates. Here, HostBill will help you to create an estimate order for a particular client. This option is a very useful while dealing with undecided clients or when you want to offer some extra products/services to your client.

How to start

If you want to create a new estimate order go under Payments -> Estimates -> New estimate. Firstly, you will see a drop down list from which you need to choose a client for whom the estimate is created.

New estimate-crop.png

Then, you need to add new product/service which is available in your storage or you can as well add products/services which aren't officially stated. It depends on you what proposal you want to make. Also, you have to add price and quantity.

Estimates managing

Once you have created an estimate you can perform a number of actions, such as:

  • Set status: Here you can change an estimate for one of the following statuses:
    • Draft: The estimate is in Draft version. It hasn't been delivered to client.
    • Sent: The estimate has been sent to client as a draft
    • Accepted: The estimate has been accepted by client
    • Invoiced: The estimate draft has been converted to invoice
    • Dead: The estimate offer isn't valid anymore (when you sat a valid until date)
  • Delete: The estimate is deleted form the database
  • Convert to invoice: The estimate is converted into invoice and it;s placed under Payments -> Invoices
  • Send: It enables sending an estimate draft to client. Note: The send button is inactive when the draft has been converted to invoice.
  • More actions:
    • Download PDF: It enables to download PDF version of your estimate
    • Change currency: It gives you possibility to change currency. The option may be used when you know that a given client will pay in a certain currency, so in order to avoid currency exchange you can use this feature.
    • Edit details: The draft is editable, so it means that most of the details can be modified.
    • Edit estimate notes: While creating an estimate you can add some notes that will be attached to the draft/invoice. Here, you can update your notes.
    • Edit Admin-Only notes: Here, you can edit notes concerning a given estimate that will be visible only for other admins
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