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Email templates

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Email templates

HostBill offers a wide range of email templates. In order to review email templates, which are divided into two sections: Client and Admin, you need to go under Settings -> Email templates. Templates aren't encrypted, so they can be easily edited and modified by admins. Such solution gives a possibility for a quick and dynamic emails' content generation. Moreover, content can be edited by adding or removing some parts, or by enabling Plan/HTML text.

Adding new template

If you feel that templates provided by default aren't suitable for you, you can create your own template. In order to do so, you need to go under Settings-> Email templates -> Add new template. HostBill will assist you during that process by giving you an useful hits, such as an available email variables - so form now on, you don't need to posses any developer skills - you just choose what information you want to include in your template and HostBill will automatically convert it into code. New template can be created both in Plain and HTML text.


Admin email templates

Admin email templates are used for sending emails to HostBill admins in a various situations, such as: Cron daily results, Account Cancellation Request, when a new order has been placed etc. Admin templates can be edited, but it's not a recommended practice.

Admin temp-crop.png Account Cancellation Request template

Admin temp prev-crop.png Account Cancellation Request Email Preview

Client email templates

Client email templates are used for sending emails to HostBill clients. Since HostBill is an automatic software, a lot of actions are proceeded automatically and as a result en email notification is sent. Client templates can be edited accordingly to your individual requirements, also temples can be enabled or disabled by you if you decided that some of them aren't needed at the moment.

Custom email templates

HostBill gives you possibility to customize email templates. If you feel that some part of template doesn't suit your needs or you want to extend template's content you are welcome to do so. As it was said before email templates are fully editable and they can be modified accordingly to your requirements. You may find this option useful, especially for editing new product's notification email templates, which by default are quite long and contain a lot of details.

Multi-lang email templates

Once you have activated another language under Settings -> General settings -> Language Settings the possibility to create a template in other language appears. Here, you can translate a given template to your language and Save it. When, client registers and chooses the language he/she is going to use an email notification will be sent in that language. it's a very useful tool, especially if you work locally and you are aware of the fact that some of your clients aren't fluent in English, which is a default HostBill language. Note: Only Clients templates are translatable.

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