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Credit Cards expiration notices

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HostBill can notify your customers before credit card expiration, to make avoid down times caused by failed payment captures

Enabling notifications

Expiring cards notifications are done by HostBill Plugin: CC Expiration Notify, to enable it go to Settings->Modules->Plugins and activate CC Expiration Notify plugin.

  In module configuration you can choose number of months before actual card expiration that client should be notified about

Cc notify settings.png

Clientarea notification

  Once client logs-in and his card is about to expire or is expired, he will be notified about this fact by prompt in your clientarea dashboard:

Cc notify clientarea.png

Automated email notifications

Once a month HostBill will also send email to clients with expiring cards, you can edit content of this message in Settings->Email Templates->Client: Details:Expiring CC

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