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Configuring support

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Enabling support plugins

Support Tickets

Support tickets in HostBill can be submitted by client directly from your client portal, or by sending you an email. HostBill can automatically fetch emails from your multiple mailboxes using forwarding or by downloading all messages using POP/IMAP. All support tickets are tagged automatically as: Open, Client Reply and Answered. The other two statuses: in-Progress and Closed need to be sat manually. The ticket displays a submitter name, subject and the open date. After ticket is submitted it can be edited by allowed staff member using following settings:

  • Set Status: This tab enables to set a ticket status manually, e.g. as in-Progress
  • Set Priority: This tab enables to set a tickets priority as: Low, Medium or High.
  • Block tickets: This tab enables to block tickets form the given email address or with the same subject, in the future.
  • Delete: This tab enables to delete a given ticket/tickets
  • Assign to: This tab enables to assign a certain tickets to a particular staff member working in the Support Department.An assigned member receives an emial notification that he/she has been asigned to a given ticket, the message contains also by whom the member was assigned to a ticket.
  • More actions: HostBill offers also some more options that ca be conducted in terms of support tickets.
    • Mark unread: This tab enables to mark a tickets/tickets as unread. It's a very convenient option while dealing with a great number of tickets at the same time.
    • View ticket log: Each ticket has its individual log that can be checked by you. You may find it useful when you would like to check your staff workflow or time of response.

Moreover, support tickets may contain attachments. Both submitter and staff can attach files in allowed file extension which can be set in Settings->General->Support. Also, you may add Tags to a certain tickets, e.g. to tag a common subject, module problem etc. In order to add a tag you need to open a given support ticket and in the space right below the ticket's subject type in a tag's name. Once, you do it a green box appears.


Ticket notes preview

If you have more than one staff member assigned to support department you may find this plugin useful. It allows to preview last 3 notes added by other staff members directly form the ticket main list. In order to activate it navigate to Extras -> Plugins -> Ticket notes preview (in Inactive Tab).

Ticket notes-crop.png

Ticket Filters

Ticket Filters are a very useful tool for automating responses and selecting received tickets. In order to use Ticket Filters go under Support -> Support Tickets -> Ticket Filters. there are two types of filters: pre-import and post-import. Both can be defined to your individual requirements.

  • Pre-import Filter: Here, you can create filters that will check against imported emails, and won't let unwanted messages in. It prevents spammers, loop messages, autoresponders and many more.

Pre import filter-crop.png

  • Post-import Filter:Here, with the use of macros and fiters you can automaticaly set things like assigned staff member, tags, priority and many more, to new tickets.

Post import filter-crop.png

Ticket Sharing

HostBill is compliant with NetworkedHelpdesk guidelines – an initiative that allows you to connect multiple communication streams together to provide great customer experience. You can now connect multiple HostBill installations to work with other brands or branches in your company on support issues. You can also outsource your support easily to other companies – share your tickets! Ticket sharing feature gives you an opportunity for:

  • Connecting one or more HostBills to work on your tickets
  • Creating training environment easily, without giving access to main brand data to new employees
  • Connecting other help desks in your company
  • Being secure – shared ticket notifications are sent by HostBill master – source for ticket share
  • Easy sharing – just click More actions->Share with #your_tag_name
  • Easy aggregating – shared tickets are marked by ticket tag. Remove tag = remove share

See how it works - video guide

Ticket Macros

Macros are a very useful tool, which may be used for speeding up a time of response. Now, you don't have to type in the same answer endlessly or pasting it form other sources. HostBill gives you the possibility to adding reply, changing status and priority, applying tags, changing ticket owner, just with the few clicks. macros are divided into categories, that can be added by the staff.Ticket macros may be added in teo ways:

  • Saving a ticket reply as macro. Once you have answered for a commoncly asked question, you may save your repley as macro for the future use.
  • Adding macro directly to a given category. In order to do so, you neeed to go under Support -> Ticket Macros -> Add Macro

Add macro-crop.png

All saved Macros can be edited or deleted if they are no longer needed.

Ticket Ratings

Ticket rating is an option given to clients so now they can rate your staff responses. Clients by adding 'points' to the staff member reply can evaluate its usefulness, promptness, accuracy etc. In order to enable the rating feature you need to firstly enable it under your department/s settings. Once you do so, employees responses form an enabled department will be rated by customers. All rating can be reviewed under Support -> Support Tickets -> Tickets Ratings.

Ticket ratings-crop.png

Ticket Statuses

HostBill allows to define custom ticket statuses. If you feel that those available by default don't fit your needs you can create your own individual ticket status. All you need to do is go under General settings -> Support -> Ticket Statuses and create your custom status. Also, you can re-arrange the already available ones to enhance your business workflow.

Ticket status-crop.png

Ticket Views

This feature enables admins to define their custom ticket listing, select auto-search and ticket filter criteria, columns and column order displayed in view. Each admin can define his private views (displayed only for him), or public (displayed for all support staff members).

When ticket views can be useful:

  • Are you using mobile phone and want to catch up with your tickets on train? Define mobile view to display only your tickets and ticket subjects/status (you don’t need anything else on small smartphone screen) – one click away and you can see only what you need.
  • You are using ticket tags & search terms to sort special groups of tickets – define view and have them one click away from you
  • Do certain search term repeat? Now while entering new filter details you can store it as view with one click

Ticket views big.png

Ticket Departments

Ticket Departments are units which are established within HostBill in order to enhance merchant-client communication. Those departments are divided accordingly to their functions, such as Support department, Billing department, etc. In order to add new department you need to go under Support -> Ticket departments -> Add new department. Here, you have to configure departments features, such as:

  • General
    • Department Name: The name of your department which is displayed in both client and admin area.
    • Description: A brief description of the department. It may include a list of responsibilities or tasks that are proceeded within the department.
    • Assigned admins: A tick list of admins that are assigned to a given department.
  • Import emails:
    • Email address: This tab includes an email address that is assigned to the department.
    • Import emails using:
      • Email Forwarder (PIPE Method: The PIPE Method allows emails sent to an email address to be automatically imported into the support ticket system. As a result clients can open and reply to tickets via email without the need to login to the client area first.
      • Remote login to mailbox (POP Method): POP is an application-layer Internet standard protocol used by local e-mail clients to retrieve e-mail from a remote server over a TCP/IP connection. When you decide to choose this method you need to proceed a few-step configuration, which include:
        • Hostname: You need to enter your host full name
        • Port: Here, you can find a list of some default ports, such as: 110:POP3, 145:IMAP, 993:POP3+ssl 995:POP3+ssl self signed
        • Login Name: Here, you need to type in your login name
        • Password: Here you need to type in your password
        • Test Configuration: After you filled in all fields it is required to test your configuration. .
  • Send email
    • HostBill main Email: You may use your HostBill main email for sending email to your clients. Main email settings
    • PHP mail(): Here, you need to type in an email address for the department and then it is advisable to sent a test message.
    • SMTP
      • Hostname: Leave as localhost unless you're using an external mail server. Otherwise enter the hostname of the mail server you'll be using.
      • Port: 25: SMTP 465: SMTP SSL 487: SMTP TLS
      • Username: This is the email address HostBill will use to relay messages.
      • Password: This is the password given to the email HostBill will be using to relay messages.
      • Send test message: After, you have entered all details it is advisable to sent a test message.
  • SLA/Escalations

SLA (Service Level Agreement) is an agreement you can offer to meet certain standards in your support quality. SLA set for 15 minutes in HostBill means that if ticket isn't answered within 15 minutes it will be considered as overdue, and escalated. Additionally, you can set time in which ticket should be closed (resolved) by a staff member. It is also possible to add an autoresponse when the ticket isn't responded after a sat time.


  • Other settings
    • Access from Client Area
      • Yes, Show this department in Client Area: If it is enabled. the department is visible in Client Area and clients can send emails directly from their
      • Make this department only accessible from email: The department is only accessible form emial, it isn't visible in Client Area.
    • Notifications
      • Yes, Send notification to assigned admins and client about ticket: Enables sending notifications about new tickets or client replies to email address
      • No, Don't send notifications: HostBill doesn't send any notifications about events that occurred.
    • Allowed submitters
      • Only registered clients are allowed to open a new trouble tickets in this department: Enables receiving trouble tickets only form registered clients.
      • Allow anyone to open support ticket: Enables receiving tickets form both clients and visitors.
    • Reopening a Ticket
      • Allow customers to reopen closed tickets: Enables clients to reopen tickets which were closed by staff or by clients themselves.
      • Allow only Staff Members to reopen closed tickets: Enables only staff to reopen once closed tickets.
    • Protect staff tickets
      • Yes, Disallow customers to close tickets opened by Staff Members: Clients can't close tickets that were opened by staff.
      • No, Allow customers to close tickets opened by Staff Members: Clients have right to close tickets which were opened by staff.
    • Staff reply with email
      • Yes, Allow staff to reply with email: Staff can reply with email using external mailing boxes
      • No, Allow staff to reply only using HostBill adminarea: Staff can reply to tickets only using HostBill adminarea - a ticket department.
    • Choose priority
      • Allow client to select priority for ticket: Enables clients to mark a priority of their tickets, so that staff know that the issue is urgent without opening the ticket.
      • Only staff member can change ticket priority: Enables staff to change tickets priority
    • Close inactive tickets: Here, you can define number of hours after which an inactive tickets are closed.
    • New Ticket email: Here, you choose an email template which is automatically sent do client once he submitted a support ticket.

Staff Members

Here, you can find a full list of staff members that have been assigned to a given department. A new staff member can be added under Support -> Staff Members -> Add Staff Member. Apart from general information, such as name, email address, phone number, username, password, etc, you can assign some Privileges which allow a staff member to proceed a certain actions.


Also, you may provide a member with the access to the Notification System. Once, you enable the possibility of notification the member will be receiving a notification emails anytime a certain action occurs.

Notification system-crop.png


News is a tool which can be used when you want to inform your clients about important events considering your business or HostBill itself, such as an introduction of a new feature, new product, etc. The news is displayed in the clientarea in the Dashboard section.


Knowledgebase articles are organized by categories so your clients can find easier what they are looking for. The articles are created by staff members and they are added to a given categories. Some articles can be visible only for registered clients (if you enable such option during article creation) and some can be accessible for all users. The knowlegebase is a source of information that can be obtained by clients without sending a support ticket. The base usually contains a list of canned answers for a commonly asked questions.

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