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Registration fields

  • Add new field: HostBill allows adding new registration fields if those provided by default are't suitable for your country, type of business, etc. They can be configured by you accordingly to your individual requirmets in general and advanced settings.

Add new field-crop.png Add new field adv-crop.png

  • Pre-made field profiles
    • Default set of options: Contains default set of registration fields
    • Default set of options + How did you hear about us?: Contains default set of registration fields + extra field - "How did you hear about us?"
    • Small set of fields: Contains a small set of registration fields (without: Repeat password and Account Type fields)
    • European Business: Contains all field from default set of options profile + EU VAT field
  • Preview: Here, you can preview how the registration fields are shown in Client Area.

Register New Client

Once, you have chosen which premade field profile you would like to use, here it is displayed. You need to enter all required field and your customer is registered. There are some additional options that may be sat during the registration, such as:

  • Notify client: Enable it if you want HostBill to sent an automatic email notification to client once the registration is completed.
  • Activate as an affiliate: Enable it if you wanto to activete a client as an affiliate. More about HostBill affiliate system,here
  • Currency: Here, you can define in which available currency client makes orders and payments.

Manage clients

  • Send mass email: When you want to announce something to your clients but you have hundreds of them and the message shouldn't be send to all of them, you may find this option useful.
    • All clients: If you enable this option the email will be sent to all clients that are registered in your database.
    • Specific clients: If you enable this option HostBill will give you possibility to define the client accordingly to the following features:
      • Service: Here, you will find a list of all services that are currently in use by your clients. You can choose a particular service and then the email will be sent only to customers who have purchased the named service. also, you may as well enable option "All services" - in this case the email will be sent to clients who have obtained any service through HostBill.
      • Server: Here, you can define a client's servers and choose only those to which the email will be sent
      • Countries: If your clients come form different countries, here you can select a given country and then only to those clients the email will be sent.
    • Use current filters:
  • With selected send message/delete: This tab gives possibility to tick a certain client/s and send them a message or delete. The latter issue, may be proceeded in two ways: deleting all client's data from HostBill and terminate all client accounts on servers or Soft deleting client data - remove only from HostBill, not from the server

Edit client details

Here, you can edit client's details that have been entered during registration. Also you may edit some additional values, such as: allowing or disallowing: Tax Exempt, Overdue Notices, Late Fee, adding a new password, defining a default language and changing client's account status. Edit client-crop.png

Login as Client

This option is a very useful tool. Clients may report that they have problems with a certain Order or they just simply don't know how to set a given feature. This option allows you to login to client's clientarea and check what's wrong. Also, you may place an order on behalf of your client.

Credit card

If client has entered a credit card details during the registration in Client Area, they are displayed here. After, you type in your password you are allowed to update all credit card details.

More Actions

HostBill offers a number of additional actions that may be proceeded under this section.

  • Edit Client Notes: Here, you can add some notes about client that are only visible for other admins.
  • Open New Support Ticket: If you want to communicate with your clients you can open new support ticket. Also, if you want to share some information about order with other admins, you may also open a ticket.
  • Place New Order: If your clients are somehow not able to place an order through their client area, or they asked for a given product by email you can place new order by using this option. The important thing is that as an admin you have the right to place an order for a hidden products or you can give an extra discounts for a certain clients.
  • Create Invoice: As an admin you have right to create invoices manually.
  • Reset and send password: Enables to reset and send a new clientarea password to clients directly to their email. It may be used when client has forgotten the password or for security reasons.
  • Close Profile: Enables to act in two ways: terminate all client accounts, cancel invoices and orders, close tickets or just change the account status to Closed.
  • Delete Profile: Enables to act in two ways: Delete all client data from HostBill and terminate all client accounts on servers or proceed a soft delete client data - remove only from HostBill, but not from the server

Clients groups

HostBill offers a possibility to arrange your clients into different groups. In order to crate a new group you need to navigate to Clients -> Manage clients -> Client groups. Client groups allow setting priorities, discounts, automation tasks and much more. Groups-crop.png

General settings

Here, you can set a general information about a group:

  • Name: Here, you need to type in a group's name.
  • Group color: Here, you have opportunity to choose a group color - the group's members will be listed by using a chosen color
  • Ticket Priority: Here, you can choose what priority will gain support tickets sent by this group's members
  • Admin-only description: Here, you can type in some notes considering the group. They are only visible for other admins.

Groups gen.settings-crop.png

Ordering settings

Ordering settings allow you to decide whether this group's members will fall under default order scenario or if they can proceed with a custom order scenario (if you already have any). Also, this tab enables you to define a discount (%) which can be gained by members form all their orders. Groups Ordering-crop.png

Automation settings

Automation settings give possibility to override a certain automation tasks that have been sat in packages settings, such as:

Groups automation-crop.png

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