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Affiliates settings

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HostBill have built-in comprehensive affiliate system, below you can find quick walk-trough trough configuration and its features.


Enabling affiliates system in your HostBill

  • Go to Clients->Affiliates->Affiliate settings and tick checkbox next to "Enable Affiliates System:", save changes.

Affiliate Configuration

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Affiliate Settings

  • Bonus amount for becoming affiliate: You can encourage potential affiliates to sign up to your program by setting bonus for becoming affiliate. Its fixed amount of money in your main currency that will be added to your affiliate balance after signing-up with you
  • Days from order payment to admit commission: This setting is useful to filter-out fraud or soon to be canceled orders before approving commission. For example you can set this amount to 35 if you're selling monthly subscription services, as you will be sure that referred order is not fraud and related client will stay with you.
  • Minimum amount available for withdrawal: Affiliate will have access to special section in your clientarea, where he will be able to request withdrawal - you can set minimum payout limit to reduce affiliate-related support
  • Landing page redirect: The referral link leads to the defined web address.
  • Affiliate signup page: The web address through which clients can signup as an affiliate.
  • Integration code for affiliates to incorporate into their websites. Use {$affurl} in referrals url:

Setting Integration Code

Another configuration option available in affiliates settings is integration code. Code entered here will be displayed in affiliate section, so they will be able to incorporate it on their websites.

Special tag {$affurl} should be used as referral link - once displayed in affiliate clientarea it will be converted to link like Your affiliate should send referrals through this url for commissions to be approved.


Setting your integration code to:

<a href="{$affurl}">Cheap Wordpress hosting!</a>

Will result in:


Commission Plans

Each service you sell comes with different margin – so don’t loose money on fixed commissions. With HostBill you can create unlimited commission plans, with various commission rates, set depending on service billing cycle and/or price. Choose which plans offers recurring commissions, so you can affiliate can get paid each time referred customer pays for service.

  • Add commission plan: This tab enables adding a new commission plan, which is configured accordingly to the following features:
    • Name: The plan name which is displayed both in Admin and Client Area.
    • Rate: It can be expressed in percentages and as a fixed amount.
    • Enable vouchers: By ticking this tab you enable your affiliates to create vouchers.
    • Enable recurring commissions: Recurring commission is money that will be sent to an affiliate periodically - each time referred client will pay invoice for related service, affiliate who sent this client to your website will receive commission from this payment.
    • Applies to: This tab enable you to choose to which available products a commission plan will be applied. Also, you need to define applicable billing cycle.
    • Notes (Admin only): Here, you can add some extra notes considering a given Commission Plan. Note is only visible in Admin Area

Add commision plan-crop.png

  • Delete selected: Here, you can delete a selected Commission Plans.

How to add a Commission Plan Video Tour

Affiliate vouchers

Using this feature your affiliates can generate coupon codes and give part of their commision as discount for referred signups. It's another weapon to your marketing artillery. Discount comes from your affiliates commission, and its up to them to decide how much money they want to earn from each referred customer. You get new customer, affiliate gets commission, and end customers are happy from discount they received – it’s a win-win-win situation! In order to create a new voucher affiliates go in their Client Area under Affiliates -> Create new voucher. Firstly, clients need to select a Commission Plan to which a voucher will be applied. Secondly, they need to proceed a simple configuration steps.

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How to add a new Promotion Code Video Tour

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