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A/B Testing with HostBill

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HostBill offers vast variety of order pages (cart templates - full list available at, you can now test which one of them best suits your business model and works best with your customers. Enable A/B Testing plugin and utilize Google Analytics experiments to increase your sales!


  • Add Google Analytics to your HostBill clientarea - learn how
  • Create new experiment in Google Analytics panel - learn how
  • You'll be asked for two URLs, to get them create new A/B test case using this A/B Testing plugin in HostBill
  • During creation, select Product category from HostBill you wish to test with, and its new orderpage to compare results with
  • Paste your experiment javascript code from Analytics to this plugin
  • Save changes, you can now start your experiment with Google Analytics

Experiment code.png

Paste this code in HostBill plugin

How it works

Once everything is set-up and client visits your category with test enabled Google decides which orderpage to display: original one or test variant. If goal is met (conversion tracking) orderpage that lead to it gets a point - you'll be able to review statistics in Analytics Panel.

You can create multiple tests for all of your orderpages, we suggest checking Experiments how to at Google Support Pages

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